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Peppermint Holiday Christmas Tree Ornaments
Kids can brighten up the holidays and Christmas tree by creating their own holiday Christmas ornaments and tree-toppers using pipe cleaners, foil, and felt.
Peppermints are the coolest holiday sweets especially when transformed into edible hanging ornaments. Lay five or so peppermint candies in a circle to form a wreath; bond sides together with icing. Adorn front with cinnamon candies or mints. Let dry two hours before hanging. Loop twine around ornament; knot. Photos and Article Courtesy of the Martha Stewart Show

Christmas Tree Decorating-Toy Ornaments
Hanging old toys on the Christmas tree with the kids spreads holiday joy: You will be pleased to have less clutter, and the toys will be happy to be rescued from their dusty corners. Ask the children to help pick which toys to transform.
To hang: Use needle and embroidery thread to stitch through soft toys, insert screw eyes into wooden toys, or wind embroidery thread through an opening or around a narrow part of the toy.

Holiday Decorating with Candy Cane Christmas Tree Ornaments
With some help from mom, little ones can craft candy cane ornaments from pipe cleaners.

How to Make Candy Cane Christmas Tree Ornaments
Tools and Materials
·         5 1/2-inch-long red and white pipe cleaners
·         Scissors
·         Green pipe cleaner
·         Hot glue gun
·         Glass beads (optional)
·         Ribbon (optional)
·         Small ornament (optional)

How to Make a Pipe-Cleaner Candy Cane  Holiday Ornament

1. Twist together 5 1/2-inch red and white pipe cleaners (also called chenille stems).
2. Make sure the stripes of the combined red-and-white stem are neatly spaced.
3. Curl the top into a hook. Bend a 3-inch length of green pipe cleaner at 1/2-inch intervals to shape a holly leaf. Hot-glue the leaf in place, then hot-glue on a cluster of glass beads for berries, or tie on a ribbon threaded with a small ornament.

Button Wreath Christmas Ornament

Colorful stray buttons can be put to new use as Christmas tree ornaments. If you don't have enough loose buttons, or the right colors, don't worry craft stores sell them by the bagful. Kids will enjoy this holiday decorating project because each wreath they make will be unique.

Tools and Materials
Needle-nose pliers or wire cutters
16-gauge copper wire, or 22-gauge green floral wire, cut to 9-inch lengths
72 buttons for each wreath
Satin ribbon, 1/8 inch wide and 6 inches long
Seam binding for decorative bow

Button Wreath Christmas Ornament How-To
1. Using pliers, make a small loop at one end of the wire.
2. Thread buttons onto the wire until you have enough to form the size of the wreath you want. Our wreaths are 2 1/2 inches in diameter.
3. Using pliers, bend the plain end of the wire around the looped end. This will form the wreath.
4. Use the satin ribbon to make a loop for hanging the wreath; tie the ribbon in a knot about 3 inches above the wreath.
5. Tie a bow of seam binding to decorate the wreath.

16-gauge copper wire and 22-gauge silver-plate wire available at local craft and hardware-supply stores. 22-gauge green floral wire available at local floral-supply stores.

Snowflake  Christmas Tree Ornament
Tape waxed paper over a hand-drawn snowflake shape. After dipping yarn in white glue, lay yarn on waxed paper, following design underneath. Let it dry for several hours until its stiff, and then remove. Tie on a thread loop and decorate the Christmas tree.

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